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One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words.

Chinese Proverb

The idea of looking at, analyzing, and constructing the human body experienced a revolution, thanks to the unique vision of Leonardo da Vinci, who appreciated the above words with utmost sincerity. His study of anatomy, originally perused for his training as an artist, had grown by the 1490s into an independent area of research. As his sharp eye uncovered the structure of the human body, Leonardo became fascinated by the "figura istru mentale dell' omo" (man's instrumental figure), and he sought to comprehend its physical working as a creation of Nature. It took three more decades before human civilization benefited from such spirited thoughts and courtesy of a certain physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was blessed with the discovery of x-ray. The journey of imaging the invisible transformed forever. At Elesonic, these "life changing" stories and their transformational values to human life have made a deep, inspiring, and profound impression. In fact, our raison d'etre remains to create imaging solutions for the healthcare domain that constantly 'check', 'improve', 'enhance'. Transforming the invisible into the visible...creating tools that help create safe, unique, and eco-friendly prisms to imaging.

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